Site Context

The North Witney Strategic Development Area is located between Middlefield Farm, north of Yatt Road, and Downhill Farm on the northeastern edge of Witney. A small part of the site lies between New Yatt Road and Woodstock Road (A4095). The site totals an area of c.57.5ha and primarily compromises agricultural fields. There are no designated heritage assets on the site.

The majority of the site has been identified by the Environment Agency (EA) as being sited in Flood Zone 1, the lowest category of flood risk. Flood Zones 2 and 3 are shown on the adjacent plan and are associated with the existing watercourse.

The site is currently only accessible via two Public Rights of Way, one to the west of the site and another to the east, and a bridleway connecting the site to Hailey Road to the west.

Ahead of the wider public consultation, and to help inform the development of the planning application, the Consortium submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Request in May 2023 under reference 23/01512/SCOPE to determine the content and extent of the matters to be covered in the Environmental Statement that will be submitted as part of the outline planning application for the site.

The recommendations of the Council’s Scoping Opinion will inform the development of the planning application documentation.

Local Plan

West Oxfordshire District Council adopted its current Local Plan in September 2018 which sets out a vision of the district in 2031. The North Witney site has been allocated as a SDA under policy WIT2 in the Local Plan to accommodate a sustainable, integrated community that forms a positive addition to Witney, including up to 1,400 new homes.

In accordance with the vision and requirements set out in the Local Plan, the North Witney Consortium has been working hard to design proposals that develop the land north of Witney in a manner reflective of its sustainable location and that capable of delivering a vibrant new development in Witney and Hailey that will contribute positively to the future vitality of the town.