The illustrative masterplan contains different character areas and key spaces to facilitate inclusive community areas through distinct and high-quality design. These areas have been identified based on their proposed function, existing site features and how they integrate within the wider context of the development and market town of Witney. These six character areas are identified on the image below.

Primary Street corridor

The primary street corridor is central to our proposals, linking all parts of the new community together. It will facilitate pedestrian and vehicle movements east to west, both into and across the site, demarking other areas of interest and providing easy pedestrian and cycle access.

Local Centre

The local centre will be at the heart of the new community. It will be anchored by the new primary school provided on-site and will include mixed-use elements such as retail, community uses and a co-working hub, creating a safe and inclusive environment with suitable wayfinding through good design principles and landmark buildings.

Western Core

The western core will have similar design characteristics to the local centre, but will be characterised by long-distance views to the south, including softer, landscaped spaces that link the new community with Witney, maintaining clear views of St Mary’s Church and create clear distinction from character areas to the east of the site.

Middle Farm Edge

Middlefield Farm edge comprises of a unique collection of converted farm buildings that includes two listed buildings. A sensitive design approach accounts for these existing features, and their setting, by having built development that repeats distinguished features form and style, that could include courtyard perimeter blocks, public spaces that transition space between the Middlefield Farm complex and the new neighbourhood.

Central Green Corridor

In close proximity to the local centre, the Central Green corridor presents an opportunity to create a neighbourhood of soft, landscaped features that are juxtaposed by attractively designed apartment blocks that will reduce in density in a southerly direction. The corridor will have a naturalistic feel with formal ponds and extensive planting.

Northern Edge

The Northern edge of the development will be lower in density, looser in form and more varied urban grain helping to create a transition from the new development into the countryside beyond.